About SBHS Debating

Debating at High

At High we run the largest debating program in NSW with over 250 students and 24 coaches. Each coach is a well accomplished debater in their own right and the majority of them compete at a very high level in University debating competitions. We are very lucky to have these coaches at High.


Debating coaching is on every Friday after school (except the last week of each term) for 3 terms. You must attend every session to receive the award points at the end of the year.
The highest standards of behaviour are expected at coaching and students will be asked to leave if they don’t behave appropriately.


In terms 1 and 2 we are involved in two competitions: FED and Eastside. Anyone can be in a team you just have to ask your coach. We run trials for GPS and Premiers Debating Challenge at the end of term 1. GPS debating is in Term 3. We will rearrange classes after GPS teams have been selected.

Debates are on Friday evenings. Some are at home and some are away at other schools. Sometimes we will provide transport, but usually students make their own way to venues. It is important to have made arrangements for getting home safely. If Ms Powell hears that students are making their way home, alone by public transport they will not be allowed to debate again. Each debate you take part in you gain 1 award point. You must sign in on the debating sheet which will be available on the night. At Home debates you get involved by offering to chair. If you mayc do this with a friend. Each debate you chair you gain one award point, but more importantly you get to watch the debates and learn from other boys.

After debates we have suppers. When we host we rely on contributions from you for the suppers. If you are debating or chairing you must bring some food to share – a plate of sandwiches, chips, biscuits, cakes etc. SBHS is renowned for providing the best suppers on the debating circuit. Don’t let us down!

Key People

Ms Powell is the MIC of debating.

Andrew McNaughton is the Debating Prefect.

We have a debating coordinator in each year group and it is their job to: communicate on matters of debating; organise teams for social debates etc.; contribute to debating events e.g. Orientation Day, Debating Dinner and play a key role in maintaining records of award points for debating.

Anyone wishing to become a Debating Coordinator should contact Ms Powell.


Every week I send out a debating email which has essential information for debaters and debating families. In order to receive this you need to send me an email to sbhsdebating@gmail.com

In addition you need to read High Notes where Andrew and I write something weekly and check the Debating Notice Board and the Daily Notices regularly.

Ms Powell