MIC Report – 15/8

Congratulations to our Year 12 PDC team Lokesh Sharma, Jonathan Freiberg, Riley Irwin for winning the Hume Barbour trophy against NSGHS last Friday. Those of us who went to see the debate were given a wonderful opportunity to watch “That we should introduce a medicare co-payment on doctors visits” in the palatial surroundings of the Great Hall at Sydney University. It’s great to think we have the beautiful Raynor Hof trophy for one more year.

On Friday we did well against Newington at Junior level with only one loss, but unfortunately neither our Firsts or Seconds won this week. Our 7A and 9A and 10 A teams remain undefeated in GPS.

I am now starting to look at Debating Award Points. There will be one point per debate in Eastside and FED either as a debater or as a Chair Person. Boys who have competed in any of the other competitions this year will also receive award points. GPS debaters will be given a point for each debate as will PDC debaters.

In addition students who have attended coaching throughout the year will receive award points. We award 10 points for Juniors and 15 points for Seniors. I will be making my judgment about who receives these points when I review the rolls at the end of the season. This week is our last home debate of the season. I look forward to seeing lots of parents there.

Please remember to buy your dinner tickets.