Weekly Update – 08/08

By the time most of you read this we will know the outcome of the Hume Barbour final. The Year 12s have done really well to get this far and I am very proud to have a team in the final for a third year in a row. I am looking forward to a high quality debate against North Sydney Girls in the wonderful surroundings of the Great Hall at Sydney University and will be joined a SBHS audience of 30.

Year 11s PDC run came to an end this week with a very close debate against Sydney Girls in the Regional Finals. I have been really pleased to see Ganeshmoorthy, Nick, Thomas and Gautham grow in confidence this year. A huge thank you to their coach, Christopher Chiam, who has worked hard to help them develop individually as debaters and together as a team.

Year 7 and 8 both won their debates against Randwick Girls and now have to debate each other to see who wins the zone. Ms Rigby says both teams are formidable so it will be a great debate to watch.

Last week at St Josephs we won most of the GPS debates and in particular it was great to see victory for the Firsts, Seconds and all of the A teams.

The debating dinner is on 6 th September and is open to everyone. It is certainly not just for GPS debaters. All of you are welcome at the dinner and will really enjoy the celebratory nature of the evening, but in particular the Coaches Debate which is always good fun.

On Monday I went to the Inner West Rotary Club meeting with Andrew McNaughton and Thomas Nguyen where they did a presentation to thank the club for sponsoring our school for the MUNA competition. The Rotarians were extremely impressed with our performance and very complimentary about the debating program at High.