Weekly update – 25/7

It was a good start to the GPS season on Friday with 7A, 9A, Seconds and Firsts all winning their debates against Scots. Well done to the coaches and the boys.

Thanks to everyone who helped with supper. Most boys managed to bring food to share which was very pleasing.

Can I encourage everyone to email me if you are not receiving the weekly emails.


We held a DSG meeting on Thursday and discussed the progress of the debating program and made plans for the debating dinner.

The debating dinner is on 6th September and it is a lovely celebration that we hold at the end of the debating season. It is open for ALL Debaters and their parents. You do not have to be a GPS debater to attend the evening. There is great food, great company and the highlight of the dinner is the coaches debate – which is ALWAYS highly entertaining. Each coach nominates someone from their coaching group to win an award. Last year some families missed out because they left buying their tickets until too late. So this year make sure you keep your eyes out for the announcement of ticket sales.

In order to keep ticket prices low we are looking for sponsorship from local businesses. If anyone has a business or frequents a business on a regular basis please consider sponsoring the dinner. For the past few years we have had successful sponsorship from a range of businesses who were then featured in our program.

On Friday we held the annual Debating Assembly which we share with volleyball and rifle shooting. Dr Jaggar address noted the merits of debating and highlighted the fact that we are lucky to be able to embark on the ‘clash of ideas’ as this is the mark of a free society. John Stanley ( Class of 1973 and 2UE radio presenter) was the guest speaker and encouraged students to make the most of their time at SBHS and take advantage of the wonderful array of co-curricular activities we have on offer. He requested that debaters consider a career in either the media or politics in order to raise the standard of political debate in Australia.

A huge congratulations to Year 12 who have made it to the Finals of the Year 12 PDC competition. Well Done boys and thanks to Antony for his hard work and determination.

In addition Year 7 and Year 8 won their first debates for PDC and Year 10 won their zone. Four year 12 boys went to SUSMUN last week and Andrew and James got honorary mentions. Well done.