Sailing December 2012

    Sydney Boys High School Sailing        1 December 2012

With the Saturday Fleet racing now finished, attention on Saturday mornings has turned to the Teams Racing on Rose Bay In this type of sailing, teams of three boats and six crew race against each other in rounds called “flights”. Rather than a triangle / sausage / triangle type of course found in fleet racing, teams races are held in identical boats around a series of buoys with the object being to minimise points lost according to final placings. In Teams Racing, it pays to know your rules well.

The conditions did not look inviting, with hardly any wind at all as we left the DBSC. The harbour was like glass with the reflections of the buildings clearly defined until we created a series of distorting waves.

The Sailing Coach, Adam’s choice of a new team led by Tim Pilien, with mainly juniors as crew proved to be the correct call, with the junior’s reduced weight, matching the light weights of some of the juniors in the Scots College Blue Team. The first flight started in only a whisper of wind, when the wind did come up from the NE at about 10 knots, the races were very exciting. Vincent Xu and Angelo Yan in our reserve boat were to sail as the third boat position in the Scots Red Team.

The High team consisting of skippers/crew Tim Pilien/ Dallas Yan, Kai Matsumoto/ Dexter Gordon, Daniel Fang/ Edric Wang and Darren Tiang /Thomas Shortridge were able to win most of their races against Ascham and Scots, except against the Scots Blue Team (which happens to be a very accomplished team).

Kai Matsumoto made some excellent starts and used his voice and helm to effect, enforcing the rules and sailing in a very controlled way, trying traps at marks and pushing opposition boats up into the wind (without collision) to gain advantage for the High team. Tim Pilien sailed well and had a number of interesting starts that show that he is serious about starting on the line on time, but he will need to fine tune his timing a little. Darren Tiang with Thomas Shortridge had difficulties with their jib sail not being on tight enough early on and not pointing up high enough, but they also had a variety of opportunities to enforce the rules on sometimes multiple boats.

Last week the juniors had an excellent sail to Steele Point, Taylor’s Bay, the ‘Hockey Puck’, the Candlestick mark and then around Clarke Island to Port and back to DBSC. It was a good test of the juniors sailing ability and their boat handling. The senior’s Wednesday training was hampered initially by very light conditions, but this was turned to advantage with the opportunity for helming taken up by a number of less experienced skippers in the lighter conditions.

Teams racing will continue to be the focus of this week’s training with both the seniors and the juniors. There may need to be alternative transport for the juniors this Thursday, due to bus availability. TBI

A clarification from last week’s High Tide needs to be corrected. Sydney High crews achieved five out of the top ten places in the Saturday Point Score Series. Fourth place was David Evans, fifth place was Marcus James, seventh place was Daniel Fang, eighth place was Connor Robinson and tenth place was Tim Pilien.


Volunteers are still being called on to help with the Thank You to Leaving Year 12 Parents Catering Event. A couple of Parents to help with the finger food and its preparation as well as a few more boys for waiting at the event in the Hall are needed.

Volunteers are still needed for the first Parking event at the school, early in the year. Please contact Rupert Fang on

This is a major fund raising event for Sydney High Sailing, adding valuable funds to the Sailing program. All helpers are welcome and Parents and interested boys should contact Sachiyo James by email ASAP at (



Also a reminder of the Family Fun Sailing Day and Barbeque on the weekend of 15th December 2012 at DBSC.

Sailing News 24 Nov 2012

Sydney Boys High School Sailing        24 November 2012

The final round of the Saturday Sailing Series was sailed on Rose Bay in again very light and shifty winds of around 7-9 knots from the N, turning to the NE and shifting back to the E at times. The two races held were to decide the final places in the competition and High sailors were competing for podium and top ten finishes in the final races in the series. After the points were counted, High sailors were placed 4th, 5th, 6th and 8th in the competition’s final top ten places. This was a very consistent result with David Evans, a previous winner of the championship, sailing well to fill a top ten finish to the year of Fleet racing. Marcus James and Dallas Yan were sailing well, only to be beaten into fifth place in a tight finish at the end of the series. Connor Robinson and his crew sailed consistently and intelligently to also finish in the top ten places with a creditable sixth place in the series. Tim Pilien continued to improve his boat handling and his starts to the races. His good finishes this week have improved his overall standings in the series and gained him a deserving eighth place.

Daniel Fang, Tiger Zhang, Darren Tiang and crews both had good second races and finished respectably in the middle of the fleet.

Hayden Rabone and Vincent Xu and crews both improved their positions with favourable places in the last two races. Both sailed consistently again and they seem to be gaining more confidence and enthusiasm as each week of the regatta progresses

The presentation at the Woollahra Sailing Club was well represented with all high sailors present. With their boats secured on Rose Bay Beach, the boys were treated to a barbeque and a raffle of sailing goods. Thanks to Sydney High old boy Malcolm Maiden, who was the Officer of the Day for the term on the start boat (at left) and Richard James ( our ex-Parents Committee President) for helping out with the places and flags.

The SBHS Sailing Committee AGM was held at the DBSC sheds and it was encouraging to see parents enthusiastically filling all positions on the committee.

The remaining weeks of sailing will concentrate on Teams Racing and putting both a senior and a junior Teams Racing Team up against Scots and Ascham in Rose Bay on Saturday.

Term 4 Week 1

The season’s sailing began this weekend with a shifty 5-7 knot breeze shifting from the SW to the SE quadrant. A large number of Sydney High sailors were present and sailed to Rose Bay to take on The Scots College, Ascham and Cranbrook School.

Although the fact that Woollahra Sailing Club has decided to reduce its input into Saturday Schools Sailing, it will now be up to the individual schools to organise regattas on Saturday mornings.

Sydney High Sailing will therefore organise regattas on week four and week eight in Term four.These will be held in Double Bay using the DBSC ‘s facilities, start boat, officials and marks etc. A number of parents have shown a desire to be involved and that is very pleasing news.

The big news this week (for week 2) is the Christening and Naming of a number of boats at DBSC this weekend (Saturday 20th October 2012). All sailors and parents are invited along for this ceremony.

Students are reminded that they should post their absences from Saturday sport online as well as giving notice by way of the Sailing MIC’s Roster for Term Four of their absences.

The extra training session is still under consideration and students will be told of the end result when a decision has been made. There is a possibility that sailors can use the DBSC Saturday afternoon Laser races as this extra training session.

More news and pictures later.