What is the SRC?

The Sydney Boys High SRC is a peer elected group which represents the students of Sydney Boys High. Key issues concerning students’ welfare and concerns are debated and then put into motion if required. The SRC also organise several social events each year, aimed at raising funds which are put towards the school. 2018 promises to be an active year with new leaders, fresh ideas and an enthusiastic approach from all 28 members.


How are SRC members elected?


SRC elections are held early in Term 1 each year, taking place online. To become an SRC member, you first must nominate yourself, and then receive the most votes from your peers. The allocation of SRC members are as follows:
Year 7: 6 members
Year 8: 4 members
Year 9: 4 members
Year 10: 4 members, 1 tech support
Year 11: 2 members, 3 executives
Year 12: 4 members

If a member is elected and is then seen as unsuitable to the standards required to be an SRC member (i.e not attending meetings, SRC functions, etc), then he may be stripped of his role in the council, and the person with the next highest number of votes will take his place.

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If you have any other questions concerning the SRC or the school, feel free to contact us through our facebook page (at the bottom of this page) or email the president at 432136493@student.sbhs.nsw.edu.au. If you have any suggestions, you may anonymously contact us here.

SRC meetings occur during Monday lunchtimes in room 304 (check daily notices for more info). All students are encouraged to attend if they wish to suggest ideas or add to the meeting in some way.

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