Recent Updates

Minutes 15/6/15

Talent Quest
Afterschool could be an option, this is due to the fact that the new bell times have made it hard to co-ordinate with SGHS
As an incentive for ticket sales, everyone who buys a ticket goes into the raffle for an IPad for PAWS.

Portal Calendar
The SRC and CSC are thinking of introducing a new school calendar for easy access to school events relevant to students. This idea was presented to the SRC this meeting by Chris and Calvin (Year 11 CSC reps) and it was quite a popular proposal. Currently the My Diary section of the portal has a lot of irrelevant information which does not apply to most students and this makes it difficult to read the important events such as the mufti days and BBQ’s. Hence we have decided it would be a good idea to put a strip at the top of the portal page above My Absences and the Assessments which will outline the upcoming events for the week which will hopefully make life easier for everyone.

SRC Noticeboard
SRC notice board will be put up near the canteen. Any updates from the SRC will go on there. Additionally we are thinking of putting a SRC Suggestions Box underneath the noticeboard for students who don’t want to go to our meetings or prefer to remain anonymous. Please put in appropriate suggestions.

1. Halal certificate for the canteen to ensure all food is checked and there is no confusion.
2. SRC thinking of doing a movie week from Monday to Friday show a different movie at lunchtimes perhaps. It will be free entry if we decide to go ahead with it and held in the Great Hall. There will be a mini store at the back to sell some food.
3. With the extra money from our events, the SRC is thinking of replacing the School Banner which went missing quite a while ago following HOTR early this year. Or it could be spend on installing new bubblers at the Gym.

Minutes 11/5/15

Talent Quest 25-29th May
Auditions for talent quest will be held this Friday 15th in 204 at lunchtimes and recess. There will also be auditions in the following Tuesday in the same room. To anyone with a hidden talent – it’s your time to shine!

SRC interschool conference
Next Monday the SBHS SRC will host an interschool conference consisting of delegates from various selective schools. It will be useful for generating ideas as we share past initiatives with students from other schools.

Canopy in Canteen Area
The school executives are responsible for this matter, however the SRC are lobbying for a waterproof replacement. This will provide a shelter for the large amounts of students who stay in this area during rainy days and also alleviate some congestion in the corridors during wet weather.

Minutes 16/3/15

Nap room
Will be finalised by next meeting hopefully with all major necessities cleared up.

The results of the windbreaker ballot on portal will be taken to the next school council and if there is high popularity for it, it may become part of the official uniform.

Talent Quest
Talent Quest will be held on May 8th. Those interested in performing can start practicing their acts in preparation for the auditions. We will notify you when auditions will be held through the daily notices/minutes. Please take note that all performers will have a max of 7 minutes to conduct their act as this year we are trying to prevent the event from taking too long beyond the extended lunch and into class time.

Minutes 9/3/15

Combined meeting with SGHS
In 2-3 weeks there will be a combined meeting with SGHS to discuss ideas and for co-ordinating the common events of Trivia Night and Talent Quest.

Windbreaker Ballot up + Design Ideas
There’s a ballot in the school portal for whether you want a windbreaker as part of the official school uniform for those rainy days. It’ll be great for these days, since you won’t get your jumper or Blazer wet as in the past or having to open your umbrella every time you step outside (or worse, get it torn by those strong winds that sometimes come along with  a heavy downpour) . Make sure you make your voice heard by answering the two questions on the portal.

Additionally, we have not decided on a design for the windbreaker idea. Therefore, we have made a design competition on Facebook where you can submit any cool, wicked ideas (make sure not too crazy since it has to be approved by the school) The winning design will receive a special reward.

Fun day and Nap Room
Year 10s will make regulations for the nap room to build up on the existing outlines of these events to ensure that they comply with safety and school rules. Arthur will bring this to the School council meeting on Tuesday so that these may be up and running as soon as possible.

Interschool SRC meeting
May 18 is the official date for the SRC interschool conference involving other selective schools (James Ruse, North Sydney, Baulkham +) will be in the hall with  5 reps per school. It will be a good day for generating good ideas and talking about past initiatives for mutual benefit.

Fort Street Afternoon Tea
On the 31st march Peter, Arthur and Justin will attend the Fortstreet SRC conference where they will have a chat with other schools’ SRC gathering at Fort Street High School.

Minutes 2/03/15

Posters for AAGPS Head of the River are up around the school. Come along to one of NSW’s biggest sporting events and watch our school eights compete with our GPS rivals. You can either make your own way there or get a information sheet/bus ticket to and back from the office.

Junior Dance
Junior Dance will be held next Monday the 9th March. Come along for a fun night with snacks and drinks included. You can get a ticket from your SRC member for $10.

Year 12 Foreign committee
The year 12’s will be responsible for liaison with the Sydney Girls SRC over the course of this year. This will be important as we co-host certain events such as Trivia Night and Talent Quest. It would also be useful to keep updated on what our Sister school SRC is doing.


Minutes 23/2/15

General Discussion for 2015
For the benefit of the new SRC members, at the beginning of the meeting there was an outline of the major events/organisations/ things that the SRC will be working towards in 2015. This also allowed everyone else to refresh their memories so that everyone in the SRC would clearly understand the goals to work towards this year. These are listed below:
Talent Quest
Trivia Night
Nap Room
Fun Day
SRC Interschool Conference
Windbreaker uniform

School Events
The SRC will be notifying you of any important school event such as Head of the River, GPS carnivals and the Junior Dance, keep on the lookout for any posters around the school.

Stricter Attendance (Peter don’t post this ok, it’s just for reference)

Suggestions including a new water filter, with the success and popularity of the one in place right now.

Seats for the area near the flat for juniors who hang out there as currently they have to sit on the grass.

More bins to be placed around the school

2015 SRC Election Results

Congratulations to all the new members of the student council. Meetings are on 304 every Monday, please be there.


Year 7

Adhiruth Senthil

Joshua Zhang

Suvipra (Bruno)Vaidya

Jun (Tim) Huang

Felix Zhang

Kazi Hasan



Year 8






Year 9


PAN Edmund

AHUJA Harjas

NGUYEN Brandon


Year 10

YI Roy



LI Tony Xingkai

PAN Peter


Year 11

LIM Darren

NGUYEN James Thuy


Year 12

BANG David

HO Michael

SEXTON William


Minutes 1/12/14

SRC prefect from SGHS
Natasha, SGHS SRC Prefect, came to our meeting ,to work with Justin Song (SRc President), to give an overview of what initiatives SGHS SRC are doing. Currently they are working a proposal to improve bathroom by adding mural artwork in the toilet and replacing soap.

They have an SRC week to raise school spirit, with one major activity each day. These include: teacher baby photo guessing competition, teacher catwalk competition among others. It is their second year doing this and it has been successful both years so we hope to implement some of these great ideas as well.

We also had a chat about Junior Dance. The theme will be made next year. Some of our SRC will go over on the day to help set up and on the night as well. Additionally, we are thinking of holding joint meetings with SGHS probably once a term to meet up and discuss ideas as well as to plan major events such as the Junior dance coming up, Talent Quest, Trivia Night.

Film Club – Watch and discuss movies, for leisure and general interest.
Approved. As always, if you would like to form a club come to one of our Monday Meetings at 304 lunchtimes. The process is very quick and easy.

Fun day
Currently Peter Pan has made a general sketch/report of what the fun day will be about. He gave a little talk in regards to this report in the meeting today.

Included activities could be:
-Sponges at teachers
-Throwing darts at board
-Stores for SRO’s to display what they do and encourage membership
-SGHS SRC Week activities

The SRC have decided on a more flexible approach where certain groups of students can propose activities occurring on the day so that it can be more fun for everyone instead of just generic activities with popular support. We will need to approve of these beforehand, however. Try to stay away from activities to do with food for health and safety reasons.

Generally, the day will be run in a similar way to SGHS Language Festival. Coupons will be sold for money and these will be used for participation in activities.

Also Sydney Girls will be invited to the Fun Day.

Minutes 25/11/14

Nap room
If the nap room is approved it will be in the drama room, 204 during both recess and lunch. Likewise, another report will be made by Brandon Yoon in regards to how it will be run.

Randwick girls meeting
Last week Arthur Chao and Peter Pan went to a interschool SRC meeting held at Randwick girls attended by Rose Bay Randwick boys girls, south sydney school etc. There was a discussion for how problems could be done more effectively, where students split into groups to brainstorm ideas and then presented these ideas afterwards

How to tackle a better range of issues, presenting proposals in an adult way and being more formalised

Suggestion Box
Make boxes next to scanners around 4 boxes, so that students can drop their suggestions at these boxes.

General meeting
The SRC are thinking of holding a meeting at the Great Hall that all students can attend if they with once a year. The purpose of this meeting is to allow all students to contribute and join the discussion.

Minutes 8/12/14

New Events/Ideas
The proposal for the nap room has been drafted by Arthur Chao/Ryan Jepson and hopefully the nap room will be approved and running early next year. Likewise, the proposal for the Funday has also been completed by Peter Pan and we hope to host the first ever Funday in 2015.

Interschool SRC Conference
SBHS SRC will be hosting an SRC conference in 2015 for 8 other selective schools including James Ruse, North Sydney Boys/Girls, Sydney Tech, St George, Baulkham Hills and Fort Street. It is an event that will allow the SRC of all the schools to come together and generate some good ideas to improve schools as well as to share past successes.
The website co-ordinator Peter Pan will improve the SRC Site aesthetically. He will also make a general overview of all the SRO clubs that have been approved with all their details for anyone interested in joining. This would also serve to prevent two of the same type of club to be made in the future as the number of SRO’s increase.