Recent Updates

SRC Minutes – Week 9 Term 1

The GPS Swimming Finals are this Friday the 29th of March!!!

Everyone is encouraged to go to support their fellow students (AWARD SCHEME POINTS APPLY)

Udon Day is also on this Friday (same day as GPS swimming)…

A ticket must be purchased on Friday morning before school. This is then used at lunch to redeem your Udon.

SRC Minutes – Week 8 Term 1

Message from the SRC – Please do not run in the hallways!

As for bucket hats, there have not been enough orders so they are cancelled as for now.

Udon Day is approaching: 29th March. Don’t forget to make pre-orders for your udon on the day!

Bag storage problems – an issue was raised that the box outside 201 is making the corridor too crowded. The student who raised this issue will have to consult with teachers himself.

All students are encouraged to go to Head of the River this Saturday @ Penrith, award scheme points apply. GPS Swimming Carnival is next Friday @ SOPAC, award scheme points also apply.

A year 12 common room for study was proposed last week; this will not go forward since it will be too difficult to schedule teachers on duty for supervision of room, since all rooms with students are required to be supervised.

2019 SRC

Year 12: Richard Oh, Nathan Ho, Cyrus Dadgostar and Frank Zhou

Year 11: Yishan Shen and Alan Wong

Year 10: Rhys Shariff, Mushfique Ahmed, Nirosh Prabaharan and Auguste McNally

Year 9: Yu Ming Lee, Vince Li, Dean Nguyen and Joshua Suto

Year 8: Sungmin Choi, Samin Haque, Joon Park and Daming Zuo

Executives – President: Lachlan Ho, Vice-President: Ritchie Ah-Koon, Secretary: Alex Zhou, Tech: Jivan Naganathan 

SRC Minutes – Term 4 Week 5 – 12/11/18

Jivan Naganathan has been elected to be the Year 10 SRC Tech Support for 2019


Concerning bucket hats, there has been a minimum number set of 300 pre-orders needed by the High Store to make an order.  This should be achievable since 700 voted for bucket hats in the poll.


An Udon/Ramen day next year is expected to happen, the date and other details are to be determined.


In 2019, our school will be having three combined events with SGHS- Junior Dance, Talent Quest and Trivia night. The finalised event times are:


Trivia night : Thursday Week 8, Term 3

Talent Quest : Week 10, Term 2

Junior Dance : Week, Term 2

SRC Minutes -Term 4 Week 2 – 29/10/18  


With the Year 11 SRC transitioning to Year 12, a new SRC executive body was recently elected.

Lachlan Ho will be the president of the SRC, with Ritchie Ah-koon as vice president and Alex Zhou as secretary. We will try our best to live up to (and surpass) the Year 11 SRC.

Concerning bucket hats, the most popular design was Number 2 (the one that had the logo and said “HIGH”) and the chosen colour was light blue. Now, an appropriate cost for the bucket hat has to be decided upon. The school also needs to pre-order a certain amount, in full, for the High Store. You will be able to put in your pre-orders in the near future.

Also, with the transition to a new executive body, students should expect Udon/Ramen Day to happen next year.

Bucket Hat Poll Results

Overall Results of the Popularity of Bucket Hats:

Would you like a bucket hat as part of the school uniform? The bucket hat is a popular uniform item among GPS schools. The hat would cost approximately $20 if introduced?

1. YES – 716

2. NO – 383


Overall Results of  the Bucket Hat Design:

The SRC has opened a design inbox for the student body to submit the bucket designs. Vote for which ever design you want to see in the High Store.

Option 1 – 293

Option 2 – 385

Option 3 – 204

Option 4 – 145


Overall Results of the Bucket Hat Colour:

What colour would you prefer for the bucket hat material?

LightPale Blue – 473

Navy Blue – 473

Chocolate Brown – 81


Thank you to everyone that submitted Bucket hat designs  and also to everyone who voted on the ballots.