Sydney Boys High Basketball

Basketball is the most popular sport at Sydney Boys High School, being suitable for boys of all sizes. Sydney High was named Champion School of Australia in 2010 and 2011 upon winning the Basketball Australia’s Australian Basketball Federation Trophy at the Australian All-School Championships. The school placed fourth nationally in 2012. Basketball is also played on Saturday mornings on a home and away basis against all other GPS schools. Our winning percentage is consistently high in all competitions. Sydney High won the 15 Years state knockout competition (Shell Cup) in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011 and 2012. The Opens Basketball team have been undefeated CHS State Champions in 2010, 2011 and 2012. Where possible, games are played indoors in first rate facilities, including at Sydney High’s two court indoor gymnasium.

Our program, led by Master In Charge Mr B Hayman caters for all levels of ability. Mr Hayman has over a decade of senior representative playing experience at the highest level
in NSW. He has received Most Valuable player, Team player, and Best Defensive Player awards at this level all whilst running
the Sydney Boys High School program. He has links to many US colleges and has developed players who now play in the United States. Other players have gone on to the Australian Institute of Sport. All boys are encouraged to be involved in the highest standard of basketball they can both within the school program and in the Basketball NSW program whilst aiming for higher education.

Parents are encouraged to join the Basketball Committee and to assist in managing on Saturdays. Training takes place in age groups on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons during school hours under the supervision of very experienced coaches including Alex Hayman. Alex is the Assistant First Grade coach and in charge of Junior Development. He runs a ‘Future First Grade’ program on Thursday afternoons for juniors wishing to learn how to play for the school at first grade level in future. Alex was selected in the Australian Schoolboy’s team himself as a junior before he attended Colorado School of Mines on Full Scholarship. He has coached in Youth League and GPS representative teams since his return to Sydney.

Many of our athletes play representative basketball at NSW, and National Level. As a school we encourage success in sporting endeavour both from within our program eg Spencer Llewellyn (Australian School Boys rep 2008; Full scholarship holder, Pacific University, California) and in the students’ programs outside of school. Boys are encouraged to attend Talented Athletic Programs (TAP), National team commitments (Emmett Naar – Australian U19 Team, 2010 Oceania Championships-Champions; 2011 NSW Metro Australian U18 Championships-Champions – and Andrija Dumovic – 2011 Australian Emus at the FIBA U19 World Championship in Latvia (6th); 2010 FIBA U17 World Championships in Germany (6th); 2010 Australian U18 Team, FIBA Oceania Championships in New Zealand (Champions); 2010 NSW Metro Australian U18 Championships-Champions), NSW state commitments and Intensive Training Camp Programs (ITCP) even during school hours.

After completing school, students have the ability to continue to pursue basketball. For example, Emmett Naar (2011) and Andrija Dumovic (2011) were accepted into the 2012 basketball program at the Australian Institute of Sport.

Sydney High Basketball Themes, Tradition and rules

Relentless persistence:
The High basketball tradition revolves around

  1. players who will never quit;
  2. team mates who will apply themselves relentlessly
  3. playing as a team and for each other

Success comes from those who can focus on the moment, those who are able to ‘play one play at a time’ rather than those who focus on what might happen.

A group who can handle adversity:
In difficult situations or when things are not going our way, it is critical that each and every player remain focused and contributes to the team effort. Adversity is overcome by poise; it is essential to focus on the moment with positive self talk and courage. This is Sydney High tradition. Treat a pressure situation as a challenge rather than a threat. Adversity is a great opportunity.

An assertive group:
Successful players take responsibility for their own actions. They are their own most important coach, manager, psychologist etc. They take charge and are proactive. Players who are timid will not communicate effectively or make skilful decisions.

A great defensive team:
This is of particular importance. We want players who are conditioned both physically and mentally towards playing great defence. We want players who are eager to develop the required techniques and have the persistence to restrict and stop an opponent as much as possible for an entire game. Our general goal defensively as a team is to force teams to try and beat us by shooting from the perimeter over a defender’s hand.

A ‘WE’ squad:
Attitudes can be developed just like physical skills. A ‘WE’ group is developed by absence of blame, mutual respect, self-sacrifice and an absence of negative behaviour. Players who see themselves as superior or those who allocate blame to their team mates do not have the necessary attributes to play for High or squad. Be proud to represent your school in the best possible way. Project our themes. Play for the team, make your team mates better and project a never say die attitude. The coaching staff are working together to make your season the best experience it can be.

Fixture locations and maps are available for each week in the Upcoming Events section on the front page of this website.